What is this mystery component? F 104K

RIMG0467 A couple of years ago, I got this component from Nicolas Collins, in an excellent workshop on Handmade electronic music (organized by Nadine in Paf).

Soldered to a sound cable – and hooked up to a microphone amplifier & speaker, you can pick up electromagnetic frequencies and hear them (in the video I demo this).

I am looking for this component –> what is it and where can I get it? From the specs written on it, I would guess it’s a capacitor – but from it’s behaviour I would say it’s a coil/antenna. Tips and potential replacement parts are welcome in the comments!

The component:

The demo:

Update – I asked Nicolas Collins and here’s his reply:

The device we used to sniff electromagnetic fields is an inductor.  This is a common electronic component used in filter & oscillator circuits, but different from a capacitor.  Inside that little blob is about 1km of very thin wire.  It’s like a tiny guitar pickup.
Like resistors and capacitors, inductors come in many values.  Almost any value will work, but the higher the value the louder the signal.  The one I use for workshops measure 100 mH (mili-Henry) — something in that range +/- 50% would do you well.
M.K from the Hackerspace confirms the part as being an inductor & gives a direct link to the part in a webshop and it’s datasheet.

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