Ultrasonic City

What do you hear in the city? What sounds are only per­cep­tible in the ultra­so­nic realm, where bats and cri­ckets com­mu­ni­cate? Sounds which are so high, our human ears can­not per­ceive them. This acous­tic world becomes audible in Ultrasonic City and they get their place in the sounds of the city and the world


  • Radio Show, supported by Acsr. Listen here.
  • Director and narrator: Wendy Van Wynsberghe
  • Fieldrecordings: Marion Guillemette
  • Edits : Vincent Matyn and yours truly
  • Thanks for your patience, support and tenacity: Acsr, Carmelo, Clementine & Carine
  • And thanks to acclivity – hanstimm – roubignolle – aguasonic – dobroide – cajo – Corsica_S – FreqMan – fons – Jovica pera – klankbeeld for there sounds under various Creative Commons licenses from Freesound
  • Production : Empreinte (acsr)

Licence : 2013 Creative Commons Attributions Non Commercial Share alike


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