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A BigFatFailedwauter

13.7 billion years after the Big Bang, we can still observe traces of the event. Like songs that remind us of the past, the residual sound of this explosion is still ringing in our ears. Cosmic Background Radiation makes us nostalgic for the origin of life. Big Fat Failed Beginnings is a workshop that grabs hold of this nostalgia at its roots. How do you cope with your longing for the Big Bang when there are dirty dishes in the sink? With your help, and armed with home, garden and kitchen ingredients the Domestic Science Club will cook, blend or mix the BFFB of your dreams.

Past Dates

  •  24/06-28/06, BFFB at Mechelsepleinfeesten, invited by Villanella

One of the experiments consists of using an item of food as a temporary light source, by putting 220 Volt on it. The videos are in slow motion. The grape is the best choice (also most dangerous):

Domestic Science Club does the Lithmustest. Come and test your acidity.

RIMG2047 RIMG2053


  • Sunday 07/09/2014, 13:00 – 18:00, OpenHouse wpZimmer, Gasstraat 90, Antwerp
  • 22-26/03/2014,  STORMOPKOMST, Warandestraat 42, Turnhout


Images by Charlotte Walker,  copyright Belluard Bollwerk Festival

Images by Margaux Kolly, copyright Belluard Bollwerk Festival

Big Fat Failed Beginnings is a production of Belluard Bollwerk International realized thanks to the Canton de Fribourg encouragement to culture. With the support of : Migros Pour-cent culturel, wpZimmer, KWP De Pianofabriek, Recyclart, Vlaamse Overheid. Big Fat Failed Beginnings is a project of the contest 2013 FUTURE NOSTALGIA

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