Pnglitch easy demo – translation to the Linux Terminal

Here’s an excellent demo of Pnglitch, a little commandline tool/library

I converted this to some more straightforward instructions of the Linux Terminal

$sudo gem install pnglitch
There are four main glitch filters are possible:
Average    – 1
Sub           – 2
Up            – 3
paeth        – 4

(or from 1 to 4 instead of the names)

To use them on your image:
$pnglitch /path/to/your/image.png –filter=Average /path/to/your/glitcchhh.png

To change the parameters of the glitches, you have to dive in deeper.. With Ruby and the scripts.

When you interlace your png with imagemagick, the glitches made afterwards really make their pixels shine.

$convert /path/to/your/image.png -interlace Line /path/to/your/interlaced_image.png

(imagemagick has 2 main types of interlacing: )

–> run pnglitch after interlacing (see 1/2 toot)




Interlaced and Average


Interlaced and Up


Interlaced and Sub


Interlaced and paeth



via but tested out live and translated to straight forward instructions in my playtime hour

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