Early version of the Ephemeral Choir sampler Demo

I’m researching the possibilities of a woven interface, with Bela, to make a choir machine. By capacitive touch, the woven thread becomes interactive and a voice, sound can be recorded. Another sensitive zone of the textile makes you play the sound, potentially another distorts, changes the mix. I deliberately choose (e-)textile as an interface, because I want to work with this instrument in groups which are not used to hearing their own voices or sounds. They are not familiar with the typical sound sequencer/ sampler machines used by musicians, made in metal, with lots of leds.
These images and this video are an early version of the sampler.

In the meantime I have been working on integrating the interactive patches in the weave itself. The grey is conductive.

Experimenting with hard-soft connections.

All interaction should happen on the textile, with visual feedback on when you are recording (through red light), with a special space for the visual, not hidden, electronics.

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