b l e e p (group show)

The group show ‘ b l e e p ’ is an initiative by Yvonne De Grazia.
12 artists exhibit their work in Chapelle du Grand Hospice. All have affinity with the textile medium and explore it differently. The common attribute is the understanding and usage of codes – whether this is part of the initial research, integrated in the actual execution – or used as a revelation.
The special shape and colour code of the Chapelle informs the installation of artworks as a whole – a cluster or a swarm where each of the works can still function on its own.

The group show focuses on productions which derive from digital sources – whether they investigate the status of the image, craftsmanship, complex calculations, climate changes, or experiment with new materials or sound.

~~ Preview Thursday 09/5 from 14:00
     · vernissage 09/5: 18:00-21:00
     · expo May 10-11, 14:00-19:00
     · expo May 12, 14:00-18:00
~~ @ Chapelle – Grand Hospice, rue du Grand Hospice 1000 BXL

Black and white threads in a rigid heddle loom. A elongated strip of white leds is woven in.

Inspired by the light, colours and patterns of the Grand hospice Groot godshuis chapel, Wendy Van Wynsberghe started weaving abstract approximations thereof. The shape of the chapel guides you towards the light, the woven fabrics emphasize the architectural structure. The acoustics of the building are also very specific, they change at all locations, reverberating voices and all other sounds. Light has been handwoven into the fabrics, they reflect the sound of the chapel at that moment. You are invited to play with the sound and related light, by -deep- listening to what is happening already or by contributing and making sounds yourself. A small kit of instructions and materials is available in the chapel.

(This installation is under CC4R), runs on a Bela microcomputer and was created with Pure Data assistance by Olivier Meunier



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